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Co-owner/founder Chef Christy Fox’s 26 year background in regional fine dining & pastries lends a hand in recognizing quality local ingredients while forging relationships gives each and every chocolate confection a spotlight on taste and terroir.
 Shannon Fox is not just co-owner/founder of Evolve Chocolate; But chocolate lover, muse and passionista about local food economy with endless ideas!  Shannon says, “Creating a personal chocolate experience at Evolve chocolate POP-UP lounges, events & markets is something I encourage everyone to experience at least once”…Or twice or fifteen times!  Shannon adds, “It awakens your taste buds, identifying sweet, sour, bitter & salty with the myriad of flavors infused in our chocolate”.
 Quickly becoming known for their holiday-oriented “Pop Up” Chocolate Lounges, Evolve Chocolate “Pops Up” multiple times a year at local venues, wine bars, airports & vacant buildings in Bellingham, Washington, USA.
Evolution is inevitable for this women, community powered chocolate company…and YOU are encouraged to EVOLVE with us!!

Evolve Chocolate Bellingham, WA | 360-220-1898  | info@evolvetruffles.com

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